What are the things to prepare for opening of a clinic?

KAZAMA helps the doctors who are looking for a good way to reduce trials and errors while preparing to open a clinic.

Opening a clinic

Review of funds planning

Location selection

purchase or lease of the space

Clinic equipment

Purchasing medical equipment



Clinic marketing

Clinic PR

Clinic operation

Tax affairs information

We have prepared 30 copies of Clinic Opening Notebook containing helpful information.

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Various kinds of information are contained for those who are planning to open a clinic.

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Introduction of KAZAMAENT

Since the establishment of the company in 2009, KAZAMAENT has made efforts to develop and supply the products used in ENT, internal medicine and pediatrics including the unit, chair, image, etc. for medical treatment. We are doing our best to develop the products that can help be of help to the medical treatment of the diseases in those areas.

KAZAMAENT has established high-tech product lines for the domestic market using independent patented technologies and is satisfying its customers with high quality of products, superior manpower and the best services implemented for provision of the best products and services for customers through establishment of the company’s annex research center, etc.

We will redouble efforts to become a company which can create more customer value with more competitive price and quality.