How much will be the equipment expenses necessary for opening a clinic?

The estimate for expected product prices can be provided after input of at least 10 items.

distribution Item Category Specification How to choose Select
Medical room equipment ENT Unit Large 1900L Select 1 Product
Medium 1650L
ENT Chair High-grade type 360 degree rotation Select 1 Product
Entry type 320 degree rotation
Room Video High-grade type Full HD Select 1 Product
Intermediate form HD
aeneral form SD
Microscope High-grade type Japanese Head Select 1 Product
Entry type Chinese Head
Headlight Kimscope DKL-4 Select 1 Product
K-SCOPE Band type
EndoScope 0 degree
30 degree  
70 degree  
Flexible Huyber Scope Pantax FNL-10RO3  
Treatment room Infrared therapy Machine 1 unit 2 ball type Select 1 Product
2 unit 2 ball type
Neblizer 1 unit 2 ball type Select 1 Product
2 unit 2 ball type
Radiography inspection X-ray ENT ENT  
CR + Phenomenon Xerox FIRE CR 20 Select 1 Product
DR Cardridge DR 14" x 17"
3D CT Pointix point 3D Combi Exclude quotes
Hearing inspection office Impednce Central Medics GSI-39 Select 1 Product
Oticon Korea AT-235
Audiomater Central Medics GSI-39 Select 1 Product
Oticon Korea AD-629
ABR System Central Medics GSI-Audera Select 1 Product
Oticon Korea Ecilpse
OAE Central Medics GSI-Cortl  
Audio Booth Sound View 1200*1200 Select 1 Product
ABR Only Shield Type 2000*2000
Dizziness test septum inspection Equipment Yeongdo ENT VEDIO VNG  
VNG SL med SLVNG Select 1 Product
Oticon Korea V0425
Centripetal copper test Anima G620  
General inspection instrument Blood pressure meter Resource medical   Select 1 Product
Biospace BP-320
ultrasonic diagnostic instrument Samsung Medison HS-40 Exclude quotes
Electrocardiogram Biospace Cardio7  
Olfactory examination Yeongdo OLFACTOMETER  
Urine analyzer HY BS502  
Infant Volume Relay Genix DS-B03  
Allergy Reaction Kit Shinyoung Ropama 50 kinds  
operating room Church Silbad Pampas PAMB-100DS  
O.R Jin Sol JS-003  
zero Light Jin Sol JS-010  
Surgical Microscope Stand type micro-100c  
High frequency surgery Biomedi sens-z  
Coblator Kwangwoo Coblator 2  
Micro Debraider Mediitronix Micro Debrider XPS NEXU S
Portable suction machine Jin Sol JS-007  
Patient monitoring System BIONET BM3  
Anesthesia SY STEM Royal MULTI PLUS MEVD  
Operating system dedicated imaging system FULL HD SYSTEM 3CCD  
Disinfection Chamber UV dry heat sterilization Charismatic KRS-650D  
Autoclave ALOPS VACUUM SS50  
E0 gas sterilizer ALOPS SE30  
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