MiniScreen PRO

MiniScreen PRO
Simple and straightforward – MiniScreen PRO is designed to satisfy the users’ needs.
Löwenstein Medical has been a market leader in sleep diagnostics for more than 20 years. That experience has gone into the innovative PSG system MiniScreen PRO.
MiniScreen PRO gives you complete flexibility, from outpatient recording to polysomnography in the sleep lab that complies with AASM guidelines.
The feed of additional signals such as pressure, flow, leakage, tidal volume and CO2 allows monitoring of patient’s breathing, sleep and ventilation therapy. Optional wireless data transmission makes diagnostics more convenient.
Simple operation, stability, low operating expenses and low follow-up costs make MiniScreen PRO a reliable and economical partner for sleep diagnostic examinations.
48 Channles
Air flow via thermistor and nasal cannula
Respiratory rate
SpO2, pulse and pulse wave
Body position integrated in patient box
PAP pressure
Thoracic, abdominal respiratory effort (RIP)
Light channel
6 x ECG, central heart rate
Systolic blood pressure, PTT
EMG Chin
2 x EMG Leg
6 x EEG
2 x EOG
8 x feed of analog signals
13 x digital signals from prismaLINE therapy device